COBAA April 2020 Meeting Minutes

13 Jul 2020 no comments nvcobaa

COBAA Meeting Minutes April 2020

  1. Welcome
    1. Acceptance of March Meeting Minutes
      1. Motioned by Tom Saxton
      1. Second by Chris Boline
      1. Minutes approved by voice vote, unanimous
  2. Development Director Report-Update by Zachary Madonick
    1. Updates on new business building-Board of Regents voted against upper division credits
    1. Zachary still looking to fudraise $40M, on hold until after Covid-19.
  3. UNR Alumni Association Report
    1. Discussed if any interest in Zoom chapter social-Spencer will forward information from Ashley Medina to the board
  4. President Report
    1. Website Remediation Plan-Website reviewed by Brandon Gottier of BDG design and he believes can make changes, new website not necessary
    1. NSHE budget cuts-estimated budget cuts for UNR as high as $36M
    1. Discussed ideas for virtual happy hour.
  5. President Elect Report
    1. Golf tournament updates-Lakeridge golf course has closed due to Covid-19.
      1. Motion for approval to apply deposit at Lakeridge towards next year’s tournament by Michelle Sturge
      1. Second by Tom Saxton
      1. Approved as Board Members by voice vote, unanimous
    1. Discussed contacting tournament sponsors that have already paid
    1. Chris has been in contact with UNR woman’s golf team coach
  6. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    1. No new information.’
  7. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    1. Social Media updates-No new information. 
  8. Other Business
    1. Board will discuss if to purchase lapel pins for graduating seniors
    1. Look for opportunities to use board funds towards those effected by Covid-19.  Zach will email link to crowdfunding page
  9. Adjournment