COBAA April 2021 Meeting Minutes

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COBAA Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 8, 2021
12 noon

Attendance: Danielle Pawliw, Josh Morris, Darrell Plummer, Chris Boline, Tom Saxton, Bryce Warner, Michael Frauenknecht, Zachary Madonick, Michelle Sturge, Jake Ramatici, Kelsea Duffrin, Taylor Russo, Jared Desamero, Cela Hyatt, Nikki Antone, Keenan Polan

Call to order at 12:04pm

  1. Welcome
    • Acceptance of March Meeting Minutes
    o 1st – Chris Boline
    o 2nd – Michelle Sturge
  2. College of Business Report
    • Focus on recruitment/membership and explore the bigger picture of the mission of the board
    • 2021 Virtual Honors and Banquet
    o April 16th
    o Recognizing graduating seniors and their achievements
    o Reach out to Danielle or Zach for the Zoom link if you would like to attend
    • In-person Spring Commencement
    o Both 2020 and 2021 graduates can walk
    o Staggered ceremonies and done by college
    o COB Graduation – Thursday, April 13th at 4pm
  3. UNR Alumni Association Report
    • Update on postponing of events. Groups of 24 and under allowed with facemasks. More updates on May 1st. – Can we meet in person for the May Board Meeting?
    o In person Board Meetings may be able to happen June/July – Should know more May 1st.
  4. President Report
    • Scholarship Endowment signed – Will update 2021 to open to all majors
    • Polos/Name tags/Gift Ideas for Lifetime memberships – Bring back discussion offline of all members who do not have shirts/name tags.
    o To talk more about this in the next couple of weeks
    • 2021 Spring graduation email – Create in March/April
  5. President Elect Report
    • Golf updates
    • Updated date to Sept 24th
    o Deferrals, glove purchases, email blast
    o Richard is working with Emily on email blasts to get the word out about the tournament
  6. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    • Budget and accounting update – Check for club funding dispersal.
    o The student club funding has not gone out of our account yet
    o 2 club funding in August since we didn’t do one in the spring
  7. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    • Sub-committee Members and plans – Continuation of Discussion
    • Walden’s discount continuation for April – Discuss marketing opportunities
    o More Board engagement
     How can we promote
    • Posting photos at the location on social media
    • Emails get lost in inboxes
    o Short, sweet and vibrant to catch eyes
    • Use Nevada Alumni Association to blast out our partnership each month
    • On the two emails sent out, use photos that show people taking advantage of the promotion in the email blast
    • Battle Born for May
    o The owner would like to write his own message/email for the partnership
    • Spotlights
    o Need to get more people signed up to do the spotlight
    o Can we add a headshot to the template
  8. Board Member Updates
    • Each board member discusses ideas for memberships, fundraisers, events, material to post on website/social media – Round Robin format
  9. 12:30pm – 1pm
    • Darrell Plummer – Guest speaker
    o Sierra Nevada Properties
    o This portion of the meeting is recorded
  10. Adjournment – 1:04pm