COBAA August 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, August 13, 2020 12pm
Zoom Teleconference

12:06pm – Meeting called to order
Attendance: Zach Madonick, Michelle Sturge, Tom Saxton, Spencer Lewis, Taylor Russo, Richard
Corn, Cela Hyatt, Jared Desamero & Morgan Gottier

  1. Welcome
    a. Acceptance of June Meeting Minutes
    i. Taylor motion
    ii. Spencer second
    iii. All in favor
  2. College of Business Report
    a. Recruitment/Membership
    i. COBAA has the ability to send a mailer or email blast to all COB Alumni
  3. Another way to reach out since we have to be remote
  4. Ashley is a great resource at the University
  5. COBAA can get very detailed in who we would like to
    communicate with. (i.e. COB alumni who haven’t renewed their
    membership, specific majors, etc.)
  6. Tom to invite Ashley to our next meeting so all COBAA Board
    Members can ask questions

b. Club Funding
i. Need to set a date
ii. Stallar will reach out to clubs that may need funding for projects
iii. An October date would give clubs more time to get settled into
the school year and figure out what funding they need
iv. COBAA use to donate $3,000 for the year (2 different times – Fall
& Spring)
v. Motion to hold the Club Funding of $1,500 on Wednesday, October 14 th
@4pm via Zoom

  1. Tom motion
  2. Richard second
  3. All in favor
  4. UNR Alumni Association Report
    a. All in-person events are postponed until 2021
  5. President Report
    a. COVID questionnaire
    i. Fill one out for your business if you haven’t already
    b. Board Member Updates
    i. COBAA will start to track attendance at each meeting
  6. Attendance guidelines are in the bylaws
  7. Motion to relieve Sam Crampton of his position on the Board due
    to lack of attendance
    a. Tom motion
    b. Richard second
    c. All in favor
  8. Tom will forward a resume to the COBAA Board Members of a
    candidate to fill Sam’s spot
    ii. Finalize Contact List
  9. Review the contact list that Tom sent out to make sure all of your
    information is correct
    iii. The Jim & Jeremy Show
  10. Staff members of the COB have a podcast that discussed how to
    succeed in a challenging time
  11. Tom recorded an episode with Jeremy
  12. Any board member that would like to be on the show can let Tom
    know and he will connect you with Jim & Jeremy
    iv. Welcome email for COB students
  13. Let Tom know if you have any interest in contributing to the
    welcome email
  14. Tom would like to send out the email before the end of August
  15. President Elect Report
    a. Lakeridge all set for 2021 Golf Tournament
    b. Richard & Michelle connected regarding the transfer of responsibilities
  16. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    a. Richard & Michelle are still looking into getting credit card and other accounting
    reports from the University
    b. $61,000 was balance in May
    c. Morgan to forward the approved meeting minutes to Chris to get them on the
  17. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    a. WIN has a speed dating style networking event on Zoom
    i. Taylor is going to reach out to WIN to see if we can offer it to our
    members as an added bonus to their membership for next month’s WIN

b. Look at promoting other networking events/share on our social/promote local
businesses since we are not able to have in person events until 2021.
c. COBAA members should try some of the University’s virtual networking events
to see what they are like.
i. Spencer is going to try the wine tasting event and report back
d. YPN is starting back up in person events
i. May be an opportunity for COBAA to cross promote if YPN is on board to
help get the COBAA name out to their members.

  1. Taylor to send YPN marketing materials to Chris to post of our
    social feeds.
  2. Ask Ashley to send out an email blast

e. Changed COBAA’s Linked In page to Say University of Nevada instead of UNR to
help with searches.

  1. Board Members Updates
    a. Spencer – Goal for new COBAA year: Since it’s the beginning of a new year for
    COBAA, member participation should be focused on
    b. Michelle – Run on Tuna is a yearly event that she hosts with her friend to get
    canned tuna donations for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.
    i. Post the event on social for COBAA as Board Members being active in the
  2. Adjournment
    a. Meeting adjourned at 1:02pm