COBAA December 2020 Meeting Minutes

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COBAA Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Attendance: Spencer Lewis, Morgan Gottier, Jake Ramatici, Tom Saxton, Michelle Sturge, Bryce Warner, Kelsea Duffrin., Michael Frauenknecht, Danielle Pawliw, Cela Hyatt, Nikki Buus Antone, Christopher Boline, Jared Desamero, Keenan Polan, Richard Corn, Taylor Russo, Joel Grace

Call to order 12 :06pm

  1. Welcome
    • Acceptance of November Meeting Minutes
    o Michelle Motions
    o Bryce Seconds
  2. College of Business Report
    • Focus on recruitment/membership and explore the bigger picture of the mission of the board
    • Virtual Career Fair – Feb 26th 2021
    • 1st round of Club Funding for 2021 March/April timeframe
    o Club funding from October has still not been disbursed. Tom following up with Ashley on when that will happen.
    • Real Estate Innative and entail an internship
    • Sports Management Minor taking place in Spring
    o COB starting to get enrollees
    • Work with Ashley on congratulating the 2020 Winter Graduates
  3. UNR Alumni Association Report
    • All in-person chapter events are postponed until 2021
    o Need to touch base with Ashley
    • Silver & Blue Chapter Updates
  4. President Report
    • Scholarship Endowment signed – Will update 2021 to open to all majors
    • Guest Speakers for future board meetings – Ideas for January
    • Polos/Name tags/Gift Ideas for Lifetime memberships
    • January Membership Drive Tradition
    o Keeping up with tradition
     Each member try to get new members signed up
     The Board Member with the most new members to sign up will get a prize
    • Finance/fundraiser sub-committee proposal
    o Any members interested
     Michelle, Kelsea
     Membership and Fundraiser/Finance Committees to work together to make sure we aren’t overlapping on ideas
    o New fundraisers/pledge style fundraisers
     Make sure we are adding value to anything new fundraiser
    • Linked In group invitations – Are recipients receiving them?
    • 2020 COB graduates. Work with Ashley on congratulatory email.
  5. President Elect Report
    • Golf updates
    o Still aim for going full force on this event since we missed last year
    o Could still have the golf tournament and skip the event afterwards
    o Richard to send out flyers and info to get some teams signed up
    o Review all the teams and sponsors that signed up last year and deferred to this year’s tournament
    o Need to verify with COB that our payment portal is active and accessible for tournament payments
     Ashley would be the go to
    o Focus on both teams and sponsorships even though we have some from last year
    o If each member could get 2 teams or a tier sponsor, we would be doing well as a whole
    o $4,100 deferred from last year
     1 blue sponsor
     4 teams
  6. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    • Budget and accounting update
    o Club funding hasn’t gone through yet, so no changes
  7. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    • Sub-committee Members and plans – Continuation of Discussion
    o Starting with Social Media highlights
     The committee will reach out to 3 or so individuals that we can highlight as a start
     Highlight questions will be sent out to the whole board for feedback
     Would love to have key members of the community that we could highlight that has/has been involvement with COB.
    o Partnering with local businesses for discounts for our members
    • Budget determination. Establish new blanket amount if needed.
    o In the past $700-$800 was set aside for Membership, Advertising. But it may be easier to just approve what we are needing
    o Bryce to have the committee come up with a dollar amount to present to the Board
  8. Board Member Updates
    • Each board member discusses ideas for memberships, fundraisers, events, material to post on website/social media – Round Robin format
  9. 12:30pm – 1pm
    • Joel Grace – Guest speaker
    o Meeting recorded
    o COO of Nevada Land Inc.
    o Reno Ice
     Started 6 years ago
     Needed to raise $10 Million for the project
    o Park Lane Development
  10. Adjournment – 1:05pm