COBAA February 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Spencer Lewis

President Elect:

Tom Saxton


Samuel Crampton


Richard Corn

Vice President Development:

Michael Frauenknecht

Vice President Public Relations:

Josh Morris

Vice President Membership:

Chris Boline


Megan Lowe

Board Members:

  • Keenan Polan
  • Taylor Russo
  • Michelle Sturge
  • Nikki Antone
  • Bryce Warner
  • Jared Desamero
  • Cela Hyatt

University of Nevada Staff:

Dean Gregory Mosier, COB

Jim McClenahan, COB

Director, Corporate Relations

Stallar Lufrano-Jardine, COB

Director, Career Services

Zachary Madonick, COB

Director, Development

Danielle Pawliw, COB

Assistant Director, Development

COBAA Google Drive Info:



Password:  GoPack17!


  1. Welcome
  2. Acceptance of January Meeting Minutes
  3. RC Move to approve
  4. TR second
  5. No objection
  1. Career Connections Director Report
  2. Prepare for the Fair – February 18, 12-3pm, JCSU Ballrooms
    1. COBAA does not have to do anything for this
      1. We used to coach for mock interviews
  3. Career Fair – February 27, 12-3pm, JCSU Ballrooms
    1. If you have businesses interested there are still spaces
  4. Networking breakfast – April 15, 9:30-11am (volunteers?)   
    1. New this year it is a breakfast
    1. Atlantis (maybe?)
    1. Chris, Cela, Michelle, Kenan, Richard, Nikki, Michael
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
  2. Pack picnics each Wednesday July 8 – August 12, vote to sponsor/pick a date
    1. TR: Moved to sponsor for $500
    1. CB: second
    1. No objection
    1. We will pick the date at the March meeting
  3. New website outlining chapter policies at
    1. SL: We are required to make the website accessible in order to have it approved. Currently in violation
    1. SL: Violation cause could be text, pictures, or other items. We are not sure.
    1. SL: May need to engage a vendor to fix
    1. RC: could we also use the vendor to improve payments and data capture?
    1. TR: He may know a vendor, “inventive web design”
  1. President Report
  2. Membership drive winner announcement
    1. SL: no response from people who signed up new members
    1. SL: 3 new people
    1. List passed around
  • Vote on amount to sponsor for graduation medals
    • General discussion concluded that the board wants more recognition if we are going to continue contributing
    • SL: Action item to ask if the college will add our logo/info to the medals
    • TS: action item to get count of college of business student population
    • Potentially do lapel pin instead to get more
  • Honors and Awards Banquet, Friday March 6th
  • 5:30-8:30pm (4 people can attend), vote to sponsor a table for $500
    • This is a student organization, community members are present, business sponsor the event
    • RC: move to approve $500
    • CB: second
    • No objection
  1. President Elect Report
  2. Golf tournament updates
    1. Discussed providing discount for a team for revision for the keg donation
  3. Updates from board members on where they’re at with sponsors
  4. Discuss radio ads for tournament
    1. MS: defer to next month
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
  2. Budget and accounting update
  3. Update of account balances and activity (attached)
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
  2. Social media updates
  3. UNR UNLV basketball game recap
    1. 23 people shows up so we lost on this year
  1. Other Business
  • Potential board member introductions – Kelsea Duffrin
    • SL: sent out resume – no discussion, KD was not present at meeting
  • Potential board member introductions – Morgan Gottier
    • MG gave an introduction and background then left the meeting
    • Discussion was held in executive session for appointment of MG to the board  
    • TR: move to approve
    • RC: second
    • No objection
  • Adjournment at 1:00