COBAA February 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, February 11, 2021  12pm

Zoom Teleconference

12:03pm – Meeting called to order

Attendance: Spencer Lewis, Morgan Gottier, Michael Frauenknecht, Zachary Madonick, Tom Saxton, Danielle Pawliw, Chris Boline, Jake Ramatici, Taylor Russo, Cela Hyatt, Richard Corn, Walter Hinchman, Nikki Antone, Jared Desamero

  1. Welcome
  2. Acceptance of January Meeting Minutes
  1. College of Business Report
  2. Focus on recruitment/membership and explore the bigger picture of the mission of the board
  3. Encouraging Women in Tech
    1. March 8th
    1. Break out panels and focusing on particular industries
    1. Trying to go for 500 attendees
  4. Business in Trying Times
    1. Videos being put together from faculty members in the COB
      1. Danielle to send links to COBAA members in the email chain
  5. Virtual Career Fair – Feb 26th 2021
  6. 2nd round of Club Funding for 2020/2021 in March/April timeframe
  7. Awards Event
    1. April 16th
    1. For outgoing Seniors
    1. Have COBAA there to participate in
    1. Let Zach & Danielle who would like to attend
    1. Zach to look into bringing back the Alumni Award at the Awards Event
  8. COB launched Real Estate Industry programs
    1. Privately funded from members of the community (soft funded)
      1. Cannot be impacted by the State budget
    1. Very internship focused in the industry
    1. Bringing a Real Estate finance course in the fall
    1. Would be a minor if students complete the courses
    1. If COBAA has any real estate contacts, let Zach or Danielle know
  9. Career Faire
    1. February 26th
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
  2. Update on postponing of events.
    1. Spring Commencement is virtual
    1. All spring events are still virtual
  3. Silver & Blue Chapter Updates.
  4. Ashley is leaving the University on Feb. 12th
    1. Kerry would be the new contact for COBAA in the mean time
  1. President Report
  2. Scholarship Endowment signed – Will update 2021 to open to all majors
    1. Tom has a new contact to reach out to
  3. Polos/Name tags/Gift Ideas for Lifetime memberships
  4. January Membership drive Winners
    1. Chris
      1. $50 Eclipse Gift Card
  5. Board member updates
  6. 2021 Spring graduation email – Create in March/April
  7. Club Funding
    1. Wednesday, March 24th from 11am – 12 noon
    1. Which COBAA members would like to participate?
      1. Michael, Jake Taylor, Cela
  8. Job Board on the COBAA Website
    1. Just link the jobs back to the COB Job Board
  1. President Elect Report
  2. Golf updates
    1. Only available date for changing Golf Tournament that Lakeridge has is September 24th
    1. We can only market through the University channels once in person events are allowed
    1. Still have our NPR credits that we could advertise
    1. Let’s discuss this tournament with the Alumni Association
    1. Richard to make a motion to move the tournament to September 24th
      1. Taylor Second
    1. Richard to see this tournament out since his time as President Elect will be done in July. New President Elect will run the May 2022 golf tournament
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
  2. Budget and accounting update – Check for club funding dispersal.
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
  2. Sub-committee Members and plans – Continuation of Discussion
  3. Budget determination.
  4. State 36 email sent to all members.
  5. Waldens discount for March.
    1. Having trouble getting a solid answer from Waldens
    1. Eclipse could be put in their place
  6. Stephon has a business in mind for April
  7. Member spotlights
    1. Jake to send the email out one more time to the board
  1. Board Member Updates
  2. Each board member discusses ideas for memberships, fundraisers, events, material to post on website/social media – Round Robin format
  3. Jim & Jeremy Show
    1. Keenan was on the podcast
  1. 12:30pm – 1pm
  2. Walter Hinchman – Guest speaker
    1. CEO of
    1. COB Alumni
    1. Portion of meeting has been recorded
  1. Adjournment
    1. 1:102pm