COBAA July 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, July 9, 2020  12pm

Zoom Teleconference

12:03pm – Meeting called to order

  1. Welcome
    1. Acceptance of June Meeting Minutes
      1. Keenan motion
      2. Bryce second
  1. College of Business Report
    1. Big picture where we want to go with COBAA for 2020-2021
      1. Recruitment and membership
        1. Get in front of Freshmen classes to start getting COBAA out there
        2. How can COBAA get involved with current students
        3. Rethink policies and procedures moving forward
        4. More ideas under 4e
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
  1. President Report
    1. A big thank you to Spencer for his time as President
    2. Big picture of what the board wants to accomplish
      1. Individual Board Member Goals:
        1. Michael – Partner with other local networking groups for more networking opportunities
        2. Morgan – Finding out the best place to contribute and increase COBAA’s membership through awareness
        3. Bryce – Membership, how can we leverage Zoom and be creative with getting in front of more people
        4. Keenan – Networking and how COBAA can be a resource, use University and COBAA events to increase membership
        5. Richard – Look at having in person events with social distancing guidelines in mind. Keep having quarterly events to increase interest in COBAA
        6. Chris – Use PR to keep COBAA at top of mind. Collaboration with local businesses to create more resources.
        7. Taylor – Online content, social media presence, partnering with YPN, presentations with guest speakers for members
        8. Nikki – Being a resource by partnering with other organizations and sharing local business stories to help share the knowledge of the time that we are experiencing
        9. Jared – Figuring out where he can best contribute to COBAA
        10. Zach – Here as a vehicle to help with COBAA’s priorities and to help accomplish them. Membership needs to be reviewed. How do we get in front of soon to be graduates and get them interested in being a member before they graduate
        11. Danielle – Here to help. Will help get COBAA members in connection with Professors to speak in classrooms to educate current students about COBAA
        12. Tom – COBAA can be a great resource for those who are looking for a new career or may need a new job due to COVID
    3. COVID Summary Questionnaire
      1. Follow up with Chris on the questionnaire if you would like to share your business’ experience
      2. Start sharing board members’ stories that have filled out the questionnaire on social
    4. Annual funding request dollar amounts
    5. Email to COB students
      1. Create an email with Taylor, Bryce & Chris to send to COBAA members for the 2020-2021 year
      2. Discounted Membership for newly COB graduates
        1. All new graduates get a one year membership for free
        2. Charging a $20.20 membership fee instead of free membership
        3. Why going from free model to charging
          1. Students may not know that they have a free membership when graduating
          2. May increase the participation level if they have paid for the membership
          3. Start with COB graduates in December 2020
        4. Tom motion to change the fee from free for the $20.20 for COBBA membership
          1. Richard to second, discussion
            1. Payment information – How do we capture payments
            2. The problem of reaching out to these graduates that don’t pay, could we still reach out to them.
            3. The free membership gave COBAA the ability to collect graduates email address allowing COBAA to contact them
            4. COBAA should have access to every COB graduates email address. Zach to check on access with Amy (Head of Alumni Association). 
            5. How do we convey the benefits, networking, reasons for joining?
              1. Online communication through email
              2. This is why COBAA needs to be in front of current students before graduating
            6. Formalize the Board’s members, their work experience, business connections. Adding this to the collateral to potential members will see.
            7. vii.Leverage the 101 classes and introducing COBAA at that level. Board Members to be guest speakers. Provide collateral.
    6. August Retreat
      1. Push to September or October due to COVID ups and downs
  1. President Elect Report
    1. Contract is signed for 2021 Golf Tournament
    2. Action item spreadsheet is on the Drive
    3. Just need teams to play
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    1. Michelle and Richard to touch base with the transition
    2. Uploading minutes on the Drive. Tom to let Morgan know how to upload them
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    1. Jared & Nikki needs bios for the website
      1. Double check that all Board Members are on the website
    2. Everything else is moving along
    3. Tom got access to LinkedIn. We have 1,500 followers but only have 2 posts. Need to update, Board Members should go follow and send to fellow COB Alumni.  PR team can post social media stuff there. University of Nevada has a LinkedIn page and then invite COB alumni to the COBAA page.
  1. Board Members Updates
    1. Tom is going to try to set up a meeting with the COB Dean
    2. Fundraising for the next 6-7 months 
      1. BBQ at Mt. Rose
      2. Could possibly plan for fundraiser Basketball event. If basketball game gets canceled, tickets would be refunded more than likely.
    3. Making a flyer with all COBAA information on to post in the COB. There is a COBAA room and space to display informational items. COBAA should have information displayed. Run any final drafts by Zach and Danielle to make sure we are following University marketing guidelines.
    4. Fall Semester Classes
      1. 2nd summer semester will have some in person classes
      2. Fall semester is looking at having smaller in-person classes
      3. Larger classes will do part digital and part in-person learning
      4. All Deans are back on campus
      5. Other staff can go back 7/14
  1. Adjournment
    1. Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm