COBAA June 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Spencer Lewis (present)

President Elect:

Tom Saxton (present)


Samuel Crampton 0


Richard Corn (present)

Vice President Development:

Michael Frauenknecht 1

Vice President Public Relations:

Josh Morris 0

Vice President Membership:

Chris Boline 1


Megan Lowe 0

Board Members:

  • Keenan Polan 1
  • Taylor Russo 0
  • Michelle Sturge 1
  • Nikki Antone 0
  • Bryce Warner 1
  • Jared Desamero 1
  • Cela Hyatt 1

University of Nevada Staff:

Dean Gregory Mosier, COB

Jim McClenahan, COB

Director, Corporate Relations

Stallar Lufrano-Jardine, COB

Director, Career Services

Zachary Madonick, COB

Director, Development

Danielle Pawliw, COB 1

Assistant Director, Development

  1. Welcome
  2. Acceptance of May Meeting Minutes

                        Richard- motion

Tom –second

Present: Spencer, Tom, Richard, Michael, Chris, Keenan, Michelle, Bryce, Jared, Cela, Danielle

  1. College of Business Report
  2. Request for social media and Venture magazine content
    1. If anyone has content, forward to Spencer
      1. Basketball game
      1. Cancelled golf tournament
    1. Any alumni interested in being featured as a member spotlight
    1. Danielle: statement about COBAA mission and member benefits
    1. Michael:  Brandon Wright from the Depot making hand sanitizer, Michael can contact; feature on COBAA social media
    1. Christopher: Board member company/org feature and what we are doing to support communities etc.
    1. Spencer: can make it a weekly rotation for SM, fresh and relevant for COVID.  Can we all put together a 250 word feature about what our companies are doing in response to covid?
    1. Spencer: Can Chris write for the Alumni report (see link below)?    
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
  2. Chapter updates to be submitted by June 30th at (Chris)
  1. President Report
  2. Board elections for 2020-2021 year; the following people have indicated their willingness to serve these positions:
    1. President Elect – Richard (unopposed)
      1. Motion-Bryce
      1. Second –chris
      1. Approved by unanimous vote
    1. Secretary – Morgan (volunteered)
      1. Motion- Bryce
      1. Second- Richard
      1. Approved by unanimous vote
    1. Treasurer – Michelle
      1. Motion – Richard
      1. All approved
    1. VP of Development – Taylor
      1. Motion – Richard
      1. All approved
    1. VP of Public Relations – Open Chris
      1. Motion: Richard
      1. All approved
    1. VP of Membership – Open Bryce
  • Motion: Richard
    • All approved
  • Bylaws have been updated and added to Google drive, everyone please review if you have not already
    • If you have not, please review the bylaws. Will be voting on updates
    • Past presidents role is changed, will no longer be a voting member (will act as a tie-breaker)
  • Continue discussion for virtual event in Summer – this might not be necessary now as COVID phase 3 begins July
  • Last meeting, we talked about doing a summer speaking event (virtual). Thoughts on the need to proceed?
  • Chris: ppl may be getting zoom fatigue
  • Spencer: agree, we can start planning small in person events in fall/phase 3
  • Tom: what are the phase 3 rules? Is there an max # of ppl
  • Spencer: bldg. code limits 50% capacity, no gathering limits as far as I know.  Could potentially do a bigger event with masks
  • Tom: Food trucks are starting up again
  • Michael: social or meetup the Depot tour
  • Spencer: haven’t had an event since the basketball game.  It’s a good opportunity to welcome back from covid
  • Summer board retreat
  • Every august and december retreat, could do an outdoor summer retreat
    • Has been at pub and sub
    • Are we interested or want to delay?
  • Yes: Tom. Michelle, Chris,
  • Where: TBD
  • Date: 8/13 in the evening
  • Megan: what is/happens at the retreat?
  • Spencer: similar to regular meetings, COBAA provides dinner, etc.  Teambuilding event, give back to the board members
  • Thank you for allowing me to serve as President! You have been an amazing board to work with.
  1. President Elect Report
  2. Lakeridge contract for 2021 has be signed and delivered
  3. Tom: May 28 2021
    1. Eric Crosby, one team wants a refund and 2 to defer
    1. Michele will reach out to tom to discuss
  4. $5700 for next year
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
  2. Richard: 6k net outflow through the end of may
  3. 59,000 balance
  4. Michelle: touch base with Richard to transfer treasurer role
  5. Spencer is updating drive and will add any receipts, create 2021 accounting folder
  6. Transfer p-card to Richard
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
  2. Social media updates
  3. Spencer: covid 19 spotlight campaign
  4. Chris: Members/Board  put together a blurb and we can start posting
  5. Spencer: aim to post every 2-3 days
  1. Other Business
  2. Update bios and headshot for website
  3. Spencer: everyone should submit a bio and headshot, send to Spencer and Chris to update
    1. Tom: tab for board resumes, only Morgan, Jared, and Tom are on there.  Can everyone else send their resume to Tom
    1. Bylaws folder: There is a commitment letter we have not been signing, cannot find in drive
    1. Spencer will try to find a copy
  4. Tom and Spencer will schedule August Retreat
  1. Adjournment
  • Adjourned at 12:45pm
  • Minutes: Cela Hyatt