COBAA May 2020 Meeting Minutes

14 Jul 2020 no comments nvcobaa


Thursday, May 14, 2020 12pm

Zoom Teleconference

Meeting called to order at 12:05pm

  1. Acceptance of March Meeting Minutes
    1. Richard & Taylor motion
    1. All approved
  • College of Business Report
    • COB grateful to COBAA to help with the medals for the seniors
    • Despite not being able to meet in person, COB is still holding job fair & helping seniors connect with businesses that are hiring via zoom meetings
    • COB is waiting to hear what the future holds from UNR President and Governor
      • Townhall on Monday, May 18th by UNR President Johnson on future plans
      • Will COB be a part of phase 1 or phase 2. Staff is having weekly meetings to provide any updates.
      • Faculty is facing challenges with the transition to online teaching
      • Some staff is concerned with coming back to campus due to some being in the higher risk category.
    • NV Small Business Development
      • Only essential employees on campus right now
    • COBAA Involvement
      • Zack & Danielle want to pull COBAA back into a more involved roll in COB. There has been somewhat of a disconnect and COBAA appreciates being more involved.
    • Medals
      • Voted via email to approve the purchase of the medals for the seniors due to timeline.
        • More of a value was added with the letter from COBAA being included to the seniors.
        • COBAA happy to help COB with the medals during this time
        • Unsure if providing medals in the future will be done based on need and revenue from the 2021 golf tournament.
  • UNR Alumni Association Report
    • Summer Events
      • All summer events are going to be canceled
    • Chapter Updates
      • Chapter Update due by June 30th
      • Can submit a photo of the basketball game since that was the last COBAA activity
      • Megan to submit the Chapter Update
    • Annual Funding Request
      • Due June 1st
      • Megan & Spencer to work together on submitting the funding request
      • Megan to send spreadsheet from previous requests to Spencer & Tom
  • President Report
    • Website Issue
      • IT has dropped COBAA website issue for now due to their office being overwhelmed due to COVID closures.
        • May have another year to resolve any issues
      • At the beginning of the fiscal year, may look at updating the website
      • Spencer was finally able to get access to the full report of issues
    • Board Elections
      • Elections to take place during June meeting
      • Tom will become President in July
      • Spencer is encouraging people to run for Board Member positions
        • President Elect will chair the Golf Tournament
        • Members need to let Spencer know ahead of the next meeting if they are interested in a position
        • Richard would like to be considered for President Elect if someone would like to replace him at Treasurer
      • If members are wanting to drop off the Board, let Spencer know so that he can work on filling those spots
  • President Elect Report
    • Golf Tournament is pretty much set for 2021 since everything is rolling over due to the cancelation of the 2020 tournament.
    • Sponsorships
      • $4,100 refunded
      • $5,700 deferred to next year
      • Waiting to hear if Eide Bailly wants a refund
      • Chase International hasn’t seen a refund. Michelle going to touch base with them since Tom was told they wanted to defer their sponsorship.
    • Date for 2021 Tournament
      • May 28th, 2021 at Lakeridge
        • Motion by Richard & Michelle
        • Passed – No Discussion
    • Deposit
      • Lakeridge kept deposit from 2020 to use or 2021 tournament
  • Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    • Only have access to the Balance Reports
    • $6,000 for medals
    • Approximately $41,000 in Operating Budget
  • VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    • Facebook
      • Keep doing member spotlights
      • Need some fresh content and photos
      • Instagram is a shadow of what is on FB
    • Linked In
      • Do we have access to the COBAA account?
      • Megan going to check with past members to see about a log in
        • Spencer to check if Vic has it
      • Keenan to help with Linked In page
    • Website
      • Moving forward, should make a committee or team for the website to keep up with content
        • Update now while people are using or relying on websites more
      • Chris can help with website
    • Create a cohesive feel between all media
  • Other business
    • Virtual Professional Development
      • COBAA could host a virtual meeting with different topics and industry leaders as the speakers.
        • Show/discuss what businesses in town doing during these times. Sharing best practices.
        • End of June for first event
        • 4 to 5 speakers
        • Don’t recreate the wheel. COB has a template available
      • Give Alumni access to events as an added benefit of being a member
      • Could offer to COB grads or students to show what they could have access to with a COBAA membership
    • What value is COBAA adding for our members with things changing in the future
      • Possibly team up with NCET, Chamber & YPN to offer a discounted membership to all three with COBAA membership
        • Taylor and Chris to look into this

Meeting adjourned at 12:58pm