COBAA May 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, May 13, 2021 @ 12pm

Zoom Teleconference

Attendance: Spencer Lewis, Morgan Gottier, Tom Saxton, Zachary Madonick, Danielle Pawliw, Richard Corn, Bryan Powell, Keenan Polan, Michael Frauenknecht, Nikki Antone, Cela Hyatt, Chris Boline, Kelsea Duffrin, Jake Ramatici

Call to order – 12:02pm

  1. Welcome
  2. Acceptance of April Meeting Minutes
    1. Richard – 1st
    1. Michael – 2nd
  1. College of Business Report
  2. Focus on recruitment/membership and explore the bigger picture of the mission of the board
  3. In-person Spring Commencement
    1. 2020 COB Graduation happened yesterday, tomorrow 2021 COB Graduation will take place
    1. Campus is starting to feel like normal again
    1. Still mask policy on campus
  4. The Internship programs are all launching
    1. Sports Med is going well
    1. Real Estate launching this fall
  5. Danielle is leaving – Thank you to all that Danielle has helped us with and we wish her nothing but the best in her new career.
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
  2. Update on in-person events
    1. Some in-person meetings are starting to take place on campus. We can start to look at meeting in person again.
    1. The meeting room at Richard’s place of work is still not allowing outside visitors
    1. June off site retreat meeting for COBAA – Tom to send out a poll on June date
  3. Chapter Leadership meeting – May 19th 3:30-5pm
    1. Tom spoke with this group about all the COBAA has done with guest speakers and other initiatives during this virtual time.
  1. President Report
  2. Scholarship Endowment signed – Will update 2021 to open to all majors
  3. Polos/Name tags/Gift Ideas for Lifetime memberships – Bring back discussion offline of all members who do not have shirts/name tags.
  4. 2021 Spring graduation email – Create in March/April
  1. President Elect Report
  2. Golf updates
    1. Working with Emily to get online payments set up. Currently caught between two systems. Should launch next week.
    1. Alumni website will be update
    1. Payments can be taken day of the event or they can call the Alumni office
    1. Flyer has been updated and in the COBAA Share Drive
      1. Still room for Premium Sponsors on the bottom of the flyer
    1. Review of teams that deferred to this year to ensure they have a Board contact to follow up and make sure they are still planning on attending
      1. Wells Fargo Advisors – Doesn’t have a Board contact
    1. Emily from COB reached out that she had sponsors reaching out
    1. Put the event up on Facebook – Richard to work with Chris on this
    1. Should we bring Dickson Golf back?
      1. Per Spencer’s experience, we made more money by creating the games ourselves instead of having Dickson Golf do it
      1. No Dickson – we’ll do our all (3 or 4 games)
    1. Getting Dean Mosier to say something before the golfers head out – Zach to check
    1. Need someone from the Alumni office to take payments – Zach to check
    1. Raffle prize list to be sent out – like to group items to create high value bundles. Ran more as a silent auction than a raffle.
    1. Timeframe:
      1. 11-12:30 – set up
      1. 1:45 – shot gun starts
      1. 5:45 – 6:15 – golfing done/winners announced/draw raffle prizes
  3. Updated date to Sept 24th
    1. Deferrals, glove purchases, email blast
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
  2. Budget and accounting update – Discuss how funds from Oct’ 2020 club funding event will be dispersed.
    1. Having issues disbursing the funds to the clubs that we awarded to last fall. COB is going to disburse the funds directly from our account until they reach their total funding amount.
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
  2. Sub-committee Members and plans – Continuation of Discussion
  3. Increase in Spotlights
  4. Battle Born for May
    1. 2 for 1 pints
  5. Perenn Bakery for June
  1. Board Member Updates
  2. Each board member discusses ideas for memberships, fundraisers, events, material to post on website/social media – Round Robin format
  1. 12:30pm – 1pm
  2. Bryan Powell– Guest speaker
    1. Wolf Pack Sports Properties
    1. This portion of the meeting is recorded
  1. Adjournment  – 12:57pm