COBAA October 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, October 8, 2020
Zoom Teleconference

12:06 – Call to Order
Attendance: Danielle Pawliw, Morgan Gottier, Zach Madonick, Jake Ramatici, Tom Saxton,
Chris Boline, Mike Frauenknecht, Spencer Lewis, Ashley Medina, Kelsea Duffrin, Nikki
Antone, Bryce Warner, Michelle Sturge, Jared Desamero, Taylor Russo, Cela Hyatt, Josh

  1. Welcome
     Acceptance of September Meeting Minutes
    o Morgan Motion
    o Michelle Second
     Welcome new board member Jake Ramatici
     Introduction of potential new board member Kelsea Duffrin
  2. College of Business Report
     Focus on recruitment/membership and explore the bigger picture of the mission of the board
     Club funding in the fall – October 14 th 4pm
    o Stallar to give COBAA a list of clubs that are going to pitch to us
    o Tom sent a Zoom link out to the group to whomever may be interested in joining
     COB career fair is virtual October 9 th from 10-2pm
    o Chris’ company is participating
     Report back how it goes

 Sports Management Program & Real Estate Initiative
o Presented idea to Dean’s advisory board
 This information (at this time) is for the Board only
o Cary Groth is going to be the Director the program
o #2 performing development college behind school of med
o 244% up from last year’s numbers
o 20% of all academic dollars fundraised right now
o A lot of donors have stepped up during this time
o Real Estate Init
 Funded by a local real estate developer
 Starting Spring 2021 – 2 classes
o Residential, commercial, development, etc.

o Sports Management Minor
 Starting Spring 2021- tiered approach
 Target undergrad
 Graduate certificate for people in the industry
o Fall 2021
 Sports Management emphasis
o Spring 2022

 UNLV does not have a program like this
 Allows UNR to build relationships and be ahead of the game in this

o Creating outreach to Management Grads to help support the new initiative

  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
     All in-person chapter events are postponed until 2021

o Even though the Governor has opened up events to 250, the University has not
 COBAA falls under University COVID rules

 Silver & Blue Chapter Updates
 Chapter workshop re-cap
 $20 Graduate membership fee active next semester

  1. President Report
     Discuss COVID summary questionnaire
     2020 Nevada Alumni Association Awards – October 23, 2020 6pm
    o One member of the COB is receiving an award
     Scholarship Endowment
    o All set from our discussion last month
    o Tom has not received the Docusign yet
    o Discuss at another point to open up to all COB students
    o Zach talked to the Dean and he is happy that we are considering opening up the
    Endowment to all COB students
     Guest Speakers for future board meetings
    o Every other month?
    o Could record the Zoom meeting to edit and post on our website
     Offering a link for people to view at any time instead of a set time
     One month a faculty member, next month community member and so forth
    o Email Tom some businesses and community members that we could have on the
     Check our COBAA Member list to see if there are any business owners on
    that list to invite

 Professor outreach
 Polos/Name tags/Gift Ideas for Lifetime memberships
o Need to get new members items
o Brett – Integrity One Branding
o Need new print release is needed in order to pay with Chapter funds
 Jake & Morgan to get quotes for new products
o Name tags – College of Business (Ashley going to look into the vendor)
 COB Dean’s Excellence Fund

  1. President Elect Report
     Golf updates
  2. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
     Budget and accounting update – No expenses since June 2020
    o Michelle did get a detailed report from the University
    o Current Balance $50,039.52
    o Majority of the expenses
     UNLV
     Grad Pins
     Golf Gloves
     Bentley Trip
     The Wall before the UNLV game

 Meeting minutes are now live on the NVCOBAA site

  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
     Remainder of board bios update
    o Remove Megan and add Cela
     Sub-committee Members and plans
    o Bryce, Megan, Morgan, Jake, Taylor & Jared
    o Strategize different ideas
     engage current members
     Value out of their membership
     Increase new memberships
     Need to pivot on how we increase memberships
    o Committee will be meeting in the next couple of weeks
     Should we be encouraging people to go to in person networking events if we as a chapter
    can’t meet due to COVID rules?
    o Hold off on promoting in person events for the time being
     Website membership link goes directly to the annual membership. Chris to switch to the
    COBAA main membership page to view all the membership options.
  2. Board Member Updates
     Each board member discusses ideas for memberships, fundraisers, events, material to post on
    website/social media – Round Robin format
    o No new updates
  3. Potential New Board Member Kelsea Duffrin
    o Review of resume
    o All approved

Adjournment at 12:56pm