COBAA September 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday, September 10, 2020  12pm

Zoom Teleconference

12:05pm – Meeting called to order

Attendance: Zach Madonick, Michelle Sturge, Tom Saxton, Spencer Lewis, Danielle Pawliw, Taylor Russo, Richard Corn, Cela Hyatt, Jared Desamero, Morgan Gottier, Nikki Antone, Chris Boline, Ashley Medina, Jake Ramatici

  1. Welcome
    1. Acceptance of June Meeting Minutes
      1. Michelle motion
      2. Spencer second
      3. All in favor
  1. College of Business Report
    1. October 14, 2020 @ 4pm is Club Funding Zoom Meeting
      1. Tom with get with Stallar for a Zoom link
    2. Virtual Career Fair
      1. If the students are interested in a certain company that is participating, they will be sent a link and be accepted to that company’s zoom group.
      2. COB is trying to make lemonade with lemons for how COVID has impacted their normal way of doing things.
      3. Be on the lookout for Venture Magazine coming out this month.
      4. COB sent out a letter about Dean Funding
  1. UNR Alumni Association Report
    1. Ashley Medina is attendance for this meeting to offer any guidance or answer questions COBAA members may have.
      1. Chapter Workshop
        1. More of a social thing than a workshop
        2. The Southern CA Chapter will chat about their success with virtual wine meetings
        3. Other will be sharing their success stories during COVID times
          1. Panel type of event and what other chapters have experienced
      2. Membership fee is $20 instead of $30
        1. Private link to sign up for this reduced fee will be sent out to COB grads.
      3. What kind of events have been successful for other chapters
        1. Partnering w/ local companies
          1. Picasso & Wine – painting packets with a guided zoom event
        2. Sushi Socials
        3. Career Services could be helpful to COBAA members
        4. Events that have had success had very clear directions for the event through their marketing materials
        5. Ashley can help us with the best way to market an event
  1. President Report
    1. COVID questionnaire
    2. Board Member Updates
      1. Megan thinks its best to resign due to scheduling conflicts
      2. Tom to reach out to Josh Morris for a Board Member status update
  1. Scholarship Endowment
    1. A scholarship endowment was put together in 2001 for 5th year Accounting students with the intent to take the CPA exam
    2. $61,616.72 is the amount currently sitting in the Endowment Fund.
      1. 4 ½% yield
      2. Only interest gained from the endowment fund can be used for scholarships
    3. There hasn’t been enough applicants in the past to sponsor from the fund
      1. COBAA needs to amend the rules for the endowment this year in order to approve the two students that were approved by the Scholarship Office
      2. The question of why is this scholarship not offered to any COB student, just accounting students. Research needs to be done as to if the endowment can be amended to offer the scholarship to all students and if the person who set up the endowment would be in favor of that.
  2. The Jim & Jeremy Show
    1. Any board member that would like to be on the show can let Tom know and he will connect you with Jim & Jeremy
  3. Welcome email for COB students
    1. Let Tom know if you have any interest in contributing to the welcome email
    2. Tom would like to send out the email before the end of August
  1. President Elect Report
    1. No new updates on the golf tournament
  1. Secretary Report/Treasurer Report
    1. COBAA Account balance is 49,922
      1. The decrease could be from reimbursements from the golf tournament and graduation medals
      2. Michelle to follow up to see if she can get a detailed report showing the exact charges to the account
    2. Morgan to forward the approved meeting minutes to Chris to get them on the website.
  1. VP PR/Membership/Development Reports
    1. Have Bryce email all his ideas for membership to the group
    2. Adventure Magazine
    3. YPN is happy to partner with COBAA for an event
    4. Website Update
      1. Accessability
        1. Blanket waiver due to COVID. At some point we will need to fix the website.
        2. There are a lot of changes needed and it may be worth hiring someone to fix them.
        3. May want to see the difference in price for fixing all the issues or a new website.
  1. Board Members Updates
  1. Jake Ramatici Introduction
    1. Review resume
    2. Overview of his potential contribution
    3. Motion to approve Jake as a COBAA Board Member
      1. Michelle motions
      2. Spencer seconds
      3. All Approve
  1. Adjournment
    1. Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm