Nevada Basketball v. UNLV with COBAA

January 22, 2020

Nevada Basketball v. UNLV with COBAA

Lawlor Events Center

Join other College of Business Alum for the ultimate hardcourt rivalry game between Nevada and UNLV. Tickets are FREE for paid COBAA members! If you’re not a member, sign up here!

RSVP for tickets at the Eventbrite link included on this event page.

Tickets will be distributed on game day at the Little Waldorf Saloon from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. We will walk over to the game as a group from there.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR COBAA MEMBERSHIP IS ACTIVE! RSVPs for tickets will be checked against our current member list to verify accuracy, and anyone who has RSVP’d without a current COBAA membership will be removed from the list.